About AZ Hamster Rescue

AZ Hamster Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that aims to provide homes to as many Hamsters, Hedgehogs, and Sugar Gliders as possible and lead a happy and healthy life. We have been rescuing Hamster since the beginning. Within two years of operating. Our rescue has added foster homes and learned better how to efficiently rehome hamsters to great adoptees.

We are a volunteer-driven organization. We strive to provide a lifelong home for all animals that enter our organization when a suitable permanent home is not available. We rehome animals of all ages. Animals are always available on the site. Visit the Adoption page to see all the adorable faces ready to begin their journey to their next great home.

About the People!

The rescue is run by myself (Denise) with assistance from my partner from my home in Goodyear, Arizona. I was encouraged on Facebook to start up the rescue in early 2020. My daughter always loved animals and hamsters really helped her with her anxiety, and has kept so many since she was little, and I myself eventually became in love with the creatures.

I am particularly passionate about ensuring rodents and rabbits in captivity are cared for in a way that meets their need to carry out natural behavior and hope the rescue will help to educate the public on improving the welfare of their small animals.

I really enjoy all the fun jobs such as holding animals while I medicate them, trim their nails, and other things they all end up disliking me for! I am not a fundraiser expert, our rescue works with what we have, and we try to do as many fundraisers as possible. We have fostering programs, and volunteer opportunities for everybody. We are all volunteers (we take no wage from the rescue funds) and run the rescue alongside our full-time day jobs.

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Things to Know about Hamsters

Although I’m not the biggest fan of PetSmart, here is a great resource for beginner hamster owners by PetSmart.

All of the Proceeds go back into our Non-Profit Animal Rescue.