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We have many adorable pets looking for a great home. They all have amazing qualities and deserve a life of love. Cages, hoods, water bottles, and accessories can be purchased separately. We are very grateful for all the contributions as we are a small volunteer fundraiser hosting a rescue in a private home. Our adoption page is regularly changed, with new hamsters always being uploaded. All the animals up for adoption passed their health checks, and are currently available. For hamster adoptees, we understand that there are a lot of different pet hamster species, including Syrian or Golden Hamsters (solitary types). Then there are more social hamsters like dwarf hamsters which come in many different breeds. If you want to further familiarize yourself with the breeds, check out the different hamster breeds.

We want to make adoptions as simple as possible!

While Adopting, Consider...

-Which animals are you looking to adopt?

– How many animals do you want to adopt?

– Gender(s) you’re looking for.

-Which Breed do you prefer to have?

– Type of setup(s) your looking for.

– Which personality are you looking for?

– If you want to try to see if one of ours gets along with yours.

Adoption Application Form

We want to make it very simple for you to adopt. Since we have had such a substantial amount of traffic, we normally adopt our animals before we even get enough time to list them. We made out adoption application very simple, and we want you to choose who to adopt once at our foster homes.

Want to Know More About Our Organization

About Us

Most of the Website doesn’t inform you enough about our Rescue, that’s you should check out our About Us Page before proceeding with our Non-Profit Organization. You can also see our whole story us, which shows how we far we have come.