Boarding Service

Our boarding service at AZ Hamster Rescue offers a safe and enjoyable environment for your animals while you’re away. We believe that your pets deserve as much fun and attention as you do while you’re on vacation or business trips. We provide a unique situation where your animals go about their daily lives as normal in their cages, and we frequently handle them unless they’re tired and ready to rest.

To ensure your animals’ comfort, we put all the cages in a large air-conditioned room, with plenty of extra hideouts to choose from. You’ll need to provide your animal’s cage, water bottle or bowl, food, bedding and litter, hygiene products, and toys (optional). We’ll replenish their food in the morning, and we require you to tell us the brand of food your pet(s) eat and where it can be purchased.

If your animal requires daily medication, we’re pretty good at giving pills and treating ears. We can also doctor your animal’s food to make sure they get their daily supplements and medication. We don’t charge extra for most medication regimes, but if your animal’s needs are extreme, we can discuss any potential upcharge.

We offer baths for your animals, but we don’t require that we do the bath. You can decide if your animals need a bath, and we don’t charge a bathing fee. Your animals must not frequently bite, and we require a reservation, especially during holidays and summer breaks.

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