Become a Foster Parent


Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent at AZ Hamster Rescue. Fosters extremely crucial for our rescue. Please read the care information below and fill out the application form. Please provide as much information as possible. 


What does it mean to foster for AZ Hamsters Rescue?

Being a foster parent means caring for, and loving hamsters. We work with local and out-of-state animal shelters to foster hamsters and choose which hamsters to foster as long as we approve the application (usually unless there is a reason not to do so).

What are my responsibilities as a foster parent?

During your period as a foster parent at AZ Hamsters Rescue, you are responsible for taking the foster parent to all veterinary appointments for medication and follow-up care (although providing a very healthy hamster). You are also responsible for taking care of your hamster while they are taking care of you (with love, walks, and attention). You can also give your own hamster to the right adoptive parents.

What does the rescue provide?

AZ hamster rescue provides resources such as cages, water bottles and full setups. We provide pet beds, food, pee pads, blankets, and everything you need for a new foster hamster.


As a foster parent, you temporarily or permanently take the animal to your home and take proper care of it. Most animals come from other homes. Everything is done very quickly, so please be ready to help us move to them to a new environment. Please tell us the breed, size, age, etc. and we will select hamsters to your liking. The animals are guaranteed to stay with you for more than 2 weeks, but we will do our best to bring them to a permanent home. On average, foster parents who don’t adopt have hamsters for about 6-12 months. However, this depends on many factors. Once finished being fostered, we will post the hamster on our website.


Before you get ahead of yourself, really think about fostering. In most cases, when we take an animal to a foster parent, almost 100%, there is no other place to put it. Please be aware that it may take some time to find another foster parent. Unless there are life-threatening problems, you need to give 48 hours to find a new foster parent. Regardless of their behavior, we ask you to give your fostered hamster(s) time to adapt to their home.

Hamsters are completely adrenaline-stimulating after transport and require a quiet, calm environment, affection sometimes, and perhaps a nice space to relax and show their true personality after stressful transport. It is also important to actively work as a foster parent for at least 2 weeks. Hamsters often find a home before that time has passed, but we need Fosters to provide a stable and supportive environment for hamsters who until then, except in certain emergency situations. It is important to do your best. If you need transportation, please arrange with us. The number of resources available at different times is limited. As we are a busy, hands-on rescue organization, we need to harness a lot of our limited resources when the care situation is not working. Very rarely is fostering unsuccessful, and most times it’s very rewarding. We all work as a team and optimize everyone’s experience. You won’t get stuck with hamsters, if you don’t intend on adopting them. We want fosters not only to give hamsters a great amount of care, but to enjoy their experience as a foster.

Foster Application

Fill Out the Foster Application to become a Foster for AZ Hamster Rescue

Donate to AZ Hamster Rescue

We love to rescue as many hamsters as possible, but they cost quite a bit of money. We know that the hamster and fosters will be grateful if you are willing to help. Monthly food, pads, veterinary consultation, etc., are expensive. Currently, hospice hamsters accumulate a lot of medical expenses to stay as comfortable and healthy as possible. From medical examinations to medicine. If you don’t have time to volunteer, please consider donating. Contributions are just as helpful, and we are thankful for everybody who decides to go out of their way and donate.